Just One Day

from Peace MMXVIII by Anything Box



One afternoon, just as we started working on the album this one came along. Man, the fights we had with the producer on it. Why? The innocent nature of the music bugged a few people. They wanted it gritty. We didn't


Just One Day

Walking in the morning winds
As I stare up at the clouds
Slowly bring myself to rest
Near a peaceful plain

Hoping and waiting for some sign
Anything will do
I just wander in my soul
In the search for you

You would say
"Please, please just go away
And let your mind forget
About this dreary day."

Just one day in the life of a fool
Just one day in the life of a fool

The afternoon will pass my by
As I reach the wall
That stretches out across the land
That I knew so well

And in a garden there
All the flowers bloom
Reminders of a growing rose
Always full of thorns

You would say
"Please, please don't cry this way"
Slowly turn
As the Moon shows her face

Just one day in the life of a fool
Just one day in the life of a fool
In the life of a fool
In the life of a fool

Darkness drapes itself on me
As I'm heading home
Carrying roses in my hands
I'm thinking of you

How you smiled
And kissed my face
Thought I heard you
I thought I heard you say

Just one day in the life of a fool

Claude S. (1990)


from Peace MMXVIII, released January 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Anything Box Long Beach, California

Whatever you think you know about 'synthpop' throw it out your window. Synthpop here is an art movement, a dadaist version. For people. Maybe someone like you. We like you. You're still reading this? OK. Be careful, time displacements have been known to occur in this construct. Are you still reading this? Good. You are worthy. ... more

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